Insurance Bad Faith

"Insurance companies frequently either deny cases outright or offer small sums of money to seriously injured people in hopes they will go away. If you have been seriously injured and the insurance company wants to deny your claim and deny your rights, call me. I've written extensively in legal journals about these types of cases and I've worked with other law firms across the state teaching them the nuances of fighting bad faith on the part of insurance companies."

- Attorney Timothy Lenahan

Examples of bad faith on the part of insurance companies are easy to find in court rulings across the nation. Insurance companies maintain staff lawyers and hire outside legal counsel in an effort to keep their costs down. There are times when seriously injured people have their claims turned down without a serious review of the facts surrounding their case. This can fall under an area of the law known as Bad Faith.

Commercial Bad Faith

Bad faith cases are not limited to individuals. We have seen bad faith cases where a business is denied a legitimate claim by an insurance company.

Never Sign Anything

The most important thing to remember when you find yourself involved in a bad faith action is to never sign any document from an insurance company or go for any test at the request of an insurance company until you have spoken to a lawyer at Lenahan & Dempsey. In signing insurance documents or undergoing testing, you may be waiving certain legal rights.


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