Education Law

"There are few responsibilities in society as important as educating our children. This is especially true for those with special needs.

As a school district solicitor and someone who has helped special needs children receive a proper education, I take particular pride in working with students and their families and fighting for their rights."

- Attorney Mathew Dempsey

As a parent you should know your special needs child is protected by a number of provisions under the law that call for extra care and require extra steps be taken to insure your child receives the education to which he or she is entitled.

Further, many parents do not understand their special needs children are governed by special education laws and rules even when they are mainstreamed to regular education classrooms. For example, if your child has a problem reading, your child may be entitled to have a test read to him or her when mainstreamed if that instruction is included in his or her IEP. It is important your child's IEP be accurate to meet his or her needs, and that it is strictly followed in both special education classrooms and regular education classrooms.

Attorney Matthew Dempsey Of Lenahan & Dempsey

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