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Client Testimonials


"I was seriously hurt and was speaking with another law firm when I realized I needed lawyers with greater expertise, so I called Lenahan & Dempsey. They went above and beyond to help me and to be honest I received a larger settlement that I was expecting. I knew Lenahan & Dempsey's reputation from seeing them on TV and honestly they surpassed all my expectations. They not only knew what they were doing, they were kind and compassionate throughout this process. I highly recommend them."

- SM is an actual Lenahan & Dempsey client

"When I had a career-ending injury at work I knew that I needed legal advice. I contacted Lenahan and Dempsey and went over my case with them. They walked me through the entire process. The lawyers had an answer for every one of my questions and the lines of communication were always open. Lenahan & Dempsey exceeded my expectations. I got the compensation that I deserved. If you need legal help then Lenahan and Dempsey is the law firm you need to contact."

- TC is a Lenahan & Dempsey client

"Lenahan & Dempsey helped my family once and they helped me twice following back to back car crashes. I was hurt and had to undergo two major surgeries. Between recovering and dealing with a mountain of paperwork from insurance companies, I was overwhelmed. Lenahan & Dempsey stepped in and took care of everything. When they were done I cried happy tears and gave them hugs for their great work."

- PA and her family have been represented twice by Lenahan & Dempsey

"Our case was very complicated, and they were up to the challenge. Lenahan & Dempsey was always extremely prepared, several steps ahead of the insurance company. They broke down complicated legalese into everyday language in a way that was respectful and clear. And the staff was excellent. When my lawyers were not available the paralegals got us the answers we needed and later the lawyers would call us to check to see if we needed anything. I highly recommend Lenahan & Dempsey, they were outstanding."

- YB came to Lenahan & Dempsey after a car crash

"I took a very bad fall and broke my arm. I also suffered a knee injury and facial injuries. My employer kept trying to pressure me to come back to work before I healed. I took my case to Lenahan & Dempsey and the pressure immediately stopped. Lenahan & Dempsey took good care of me from the moment I called. My lawyer was always well prepared, and he took my case very seriously. I felt good about a very bad situation knowing Lenahan & Dempsey was fighting for me. I would recommend Lenahan & Dempsey to anyone needing help after an injury."

- ET is a slip and fall client of Lenahan & Dempsey

"I was referred to Lenahan & Dempsey by a family member who had previously used the Firm. From the first day, Lenahan & Dempsey were highly professional, and I was always treated with respect. My lasting memory of Lenahan & Dempsey is they treated me as if I was the most important person in the world. I want to give them a big shout-out and offer the highest possible recommendation. Thank you Lenahan & Dempsey."

- RS is an actual Lenahan & Dempsey client

"I called Lenahan & Dempsey because of their amazing track record with car crash cases like mine. From the start I was treated with respect and dignity. They were very concerned about my well-being throughout the process. I always felt my lawyer and paralegal were committed to getting the best possible result for me, and they did. I would recommend Lenahan & Dempsey to anyone who has been hurt in a car accident or any other injury, they really know what they are doing."

- PG is a Personal Injury client of Lenahan & Dempsey

"Lenahan & Dempsey really fought for me. My case was difficult, and the law firm stood up to the insurance company to protect me. They were not afraid of anyone! I was treated wonderfully from start to finish. They always took the time to listen to me, to answer any questions, and my lawyer even gave me his cell phone so I could reach him at any time if I needed him. If anyone needs a lawyer my advice is to call Lenahan & Dempsey."

- MG

"Brian Lenahan is the best I would recommend him to anyone who wants a lawyer who will fight for you and win a fair settlement."

- Don Martin

"Only lawyers I would consider using."

- Glenn Garrity

"My attorney was always quick to call me back and reassure me that I had nothing to worry about and let him worry about it. They did everything that they could for me and it was my decision to settle, but they helped me every step of the way."

- Meghan Kathleen

"Always treated with kindness and respect they were my lifeline for 8 yrs never missing a beat always informed THANKS could not have gotten where I am today without you."

- Rene Walter

"I would recommend them to anyone that needed a legal professional."

- Matthew Lyons

"Highly reccomend, very prompt."

- Nicole Onofrey

"I absolutely recommend them!"

- Rachel Torres

"So friendly and compassionate."

- Angelina DeAbreu

"Honest and clear."

- David Lewis

"Honest, hard working and very educated."

- Michael Hliwski

* As the facts of each case are different, no specific outcomes can be guaranteed or implied. There is no guarantee our firm or any firm can duplicate these results. Videos show actual clients. Clients volunteered to appear and were not compensated for their participation.