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In Pennsylvania, Arson is a very serious crime, one that can carry lengthy prison time.

If you have been charged with an Arson or Arson related crime, it is imperative you contact Attorney Ruth Lenahan and her team immediately to protect your rights.

There are a number of defense options open to you should you be charged with Arson. Call Lenahan & Dempsey immediately at 888.536.2426.

Under Pennsylvania Law, Arson is a felony in the first degree and can legally occur in a number of circumstances ranging from setting the fire yourself, doing so with others or paying or otherwise getting others to set the fire on your request.

The exact statue is quite lengthy and can be explained to you in detail by Attorney Ruth Lenahan and her team by calling 888.536.2426.

If you have been charged with Arson contact Attorney Lenahan immediately and follow ALL of Ruth’s Rules.

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