What To Do if A Drunk Driver Hits You

Drunk driving accident; personal injury attorney While being in a car accident is distressing and disorienting, following up with these steps can be beneficial in filing a personal injury claim after a drunk driving accident.

1. Contact the Police

Contacting the police is the best first step after being hit in a DUI in Pennsylvania. Police can help DUI victims, deal with the drunk driver, and check for blood alcohol concentration. Police can also witness and testify to the condition of the drunk driver, including their driving performance, poor balance, slurred speech, odor of alcohol, bloodshot eyes, and other symptoms.

2. Get Immediate Medical Care

Whether your injuries are severe enough to warrant an ambulance or you have the option of seeking medical treatment, it’s a good idea to get examined after a drunk driving accident. Being in an accident can result in an adrenaline rush in your body, making it difficult to feel or notice injuries right away. Plus, many after-effects of the accident may not be evident, including bruising, whiplash, brain injuries, and internal bleeding, so be sure to have a doctor examine you. This also provides medical evidence of the results of the accident.

3. Collect Information

Getting as much relevant information as you can regarding the accident will help you when you contact a personal injury attorney. Your attorney can advise you as to what information is needed, but here is a list to get you started:

  • Name, address, and contact information of the drunk driver
  • Details of the other cars in the accident (model, make, license plate, damages)
  • Location of accident (street name, lighting, highway mile markers)
  • Police identification (badge, name, department, station location)
  • Observations of drunk driver
  • Where the driver was traveling to and from

4. Path of Recovery

Keep track of all your doctor visits, tests, and results for a medical record of all of the care you need from the drunk driving accident. You can also keep a journal to help you remember everything that happened.

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