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Slip & Fall

"I have seen people's lives changed by slip and fall injuries. From back injuries to severe head injuries, slip and falls have the potential to change the lives of entire families. Who will pay for your medical bills and make up for your lost wages? What is a property owner's legal obligation in maintaining their property? What duties do commercial establishments have to insure their property is safe? I can answer these and other questions. If you have been seriously injured in a slip and fall case, call me today."

- Attorney Alan Schoen

Picture of Alan P. Schoen

Attorney Alan Schoen
Of Lenahan & Dempsey

Slip and fall cases are among the most common types of cases seen at the offices of Lenahan & Dempsey. From falling in a retail establishment to injuries suffered from falling on ice and snow, the lawyers at Lenahan & Dempsey are ready to help you with your slip and fall case.

Never Sign Insurance Documents

If you are injured in a slip and fall, never sign anything or even speak to an insurance company before calling Lenahan & Dempsey.

Insurance companies often try to get people to settle for a tiny sum that won't even cover the cost of medical bills. Don't waive any of your rights - Call Lenahan & Dempsey first.

The law requires that you act within a certain time frame in order to claim damages. Don't wait, call today.

Client Reviews
Brian Lenahan is the best I would recommend him to anyone who wants a lawyer who will fight for you and win a fair settlement. Don Martin
My attorney was always quick to call me back and reassure me that I had nothing to worry about and let him worry about it. They did everything that they could for me and it was my decision to settle, but they helped me every step of the way. Meghan Kathleen
Always treated with kindness and respect they were my lifeline for 8 yrs never missing a beat always informed THANKS could not have gotten where I am today without you. Rene Walter